Blood Cleanser


Blood Cleanser is a herbal medicine that comes in capsule form. It helps us improve our health by doing the following.

  • Controls Blood Sugar
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Regulates Uric Acid Levels


Blood Cleanser capsules come in capsule form. Each bottle has 30 capsules. You should take one capsule each in the morning and evening to get the best results. Please drink plenty of water while taking Blood Cleanser capsules. Please also keep a careful eye on your blood pressure and blood sugar as Blood Cleanser capsules are supposed to reduce high blood pressure and blood sugar.

Each bottle of Blood Cleanser contains 60 capsules. It means you can use one bottle for one month. Each capsule is 300mg.

For it to be effective, we recommending buying three bottles for each person. In Australia, Blood Cleanser capsules are registered as complementary medicine.  They are also halal certified by an Australian halal certification organization.


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